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Immediately feel leaner and cleaner as you nourish your body, clean out your digestive system, and shed belly inches

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Maximize belly fat loss with boosting anti-inflammatory foods rich in nutrients that soothe your belly and help keep your metabolism fired up.

Balance Your Weight

Reach the perfect equilibrium and enjoy meals with an ideal balance of fiber, protein, and healthy fats to maintain your weight loss and keep your tummy happy.

Relieve digestive issues and shrink your waistline with the new, sensitive stomach meal plan from Liz Vaccariello, the New York Times® bestselling author of The Digest Diet.


  • Keep a food log
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  • Share reports with your doctor
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Happy Tummy Success

The entire test team saw positive results before the 21 days was complete*. The 21-Day Tummy helped them overcome digestive slowdown and identify pesky trigger foods. Hear their stories

Healthy Food to Calm and Slim

Great news for foodies! The foods that calm and slim your tummy are also flavorful, filling, and fabulous. Enjoy meals like this yummy salmon dish while you lose inches from your waist. See the recipes

*Results not typical. Individual results vary based on many factors such as starting weight, BMI and adherence to the program. Several panelists are or were employees of the Reader's Digest Association, Inc. Participation on the panel was voluntary and no panelist was compensated for his/her participation.

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Stop digestive discomfort and slim your tummy with the delicious new diet from Reader's Digest.